Monday Night Pitching & Hitting Classes

About the JBC Pitching & Hitting Classes


JBC are conducting Monday Night Pitching And Hitting Classes for Zooka & Live Ball players throughout the 2017/18 Season to help younger athletes develop their personal growth in baseball.

All players attending the classes will be training and developing in a competitive group environment with the primary focus on PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.

JBC believes your child is ONE-OF-A-KIND and the ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL-Training isn’t helping their personal development in baseball.

All players will be measured every week with their Throwing Velocity, Ball Exit Speed and Swing Speed to record the progress they are making.

The group environment is a great way for players to develop. It allows the focus on the subconscious side of training and not the conscience side to take control as they are automatically competing against the other players around them. By taking away the thought process in a grouped environment, players use their instincts at a rapid rate and develop a lot faster.

Pitching Classes

At our Pitching Classes the main focus is on throwing and maintaining a healthy and durable arm throughout the season. JBC firmly believes in the quote "You can throw without pitching, but you can never pitch without throwing". We see it time and time again when young players are taught how to pitch at a young age and their throwing patterns still need work but the coach still persists on teaching them how to pitch.

Too many players these days are suffering from pain in their throwing arm which is restricting their ability to develop and enjoy the game.

What your child will learn at the Pitching Classes :

  • Throwing Without Pain
  • Arm Care Protocols
  • Warm Up Protocols
  • Velocity Enhancement
  • Commanding The Strike Zone
  • Correct Throwing Patterns
  • Off Speed Pitching Training (12yrs up)
  • Posture : Rotation : Connection (PRC)
  • Recovery


At our Hitting Classes the main focus will be on hitting with intent. Intent plays a huge role in how players swing the bat. Without intent the player is just making contact with the ball instead of trying to crush the ball over the outfield.

JBC are firm believers in Long Line Drive Training. This means we do not train to hit ground balls. If you want to hit Home Runs, you train and practice to hit Home Runs.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of playing baseball for young players is being able to hit the ball a long way and seeing their face when this happens.

What your child will learn at the Hitting Classes :

  • Hitting With Power
  • Creating Their Own Swing
  • Warm Up Protocols
  • Hitting With Confidence
  • Correct Swing Patterns
  • Hitting To All Fields
  • Posture : Rotation : Connection (PRC)
  • Launch Angles
  • Ball Exit Speed



Location : Golden Jubilee Oval Batting Cages, Esk St, Wahroonga 2076

5:00pm - 6:30pm



Note : Family Discount based on two (2) family members.


Bookings can be made via the image below. There you will find all the dates for each class.