Elite Baseball Camps

About the JBC Elite Baseball Camps

The JBC Elite Baseball Camps are one-of-a-kind camps designed to help the players become athletic pitchers and hitters. All players who attend our camps receive hands on instruction as well as a Personalised Throwing or Hitting Plan to take home.

Our camps consist of 5 hour sessions on each day over 3 days. Our camps are not only for experienced players. We want to instil elite training on all players regardless of their starting level. We allow 5 hours each day as we believe the concentration span of children aged between 9-15 disappears after 5 hours, and after that training becomes just about motions and their mind is elsewhere.


This is not a One-Size-Fits-All Camp

At all JBC Elite Baseball Camps your child will be viewed "Unique". Your child will be viewed "One of a Kind". Cause let's face it, there is no one like them. That is why we do not believe that One-Size-Fits-All Training is good for any player. Every child has different Mobility, Flexibility, Strength, Stability, Motivation...and the list goes on. So why would we put every child on the same program, same drills, same everything if they are different to everyone else.

At the JBC Elite Baseball Camps, your child will have his or her own Customised Plan moving forward, their own drills to help them get to the next level. The Video Analysis will let them see just how their body is moving and in what areas they need to improve on.

Is your child SUFFERING from arm pain or Shoulder Pain?

Unfortunately this is a common situation these days. If your child is suffering from Arm Pain or Shoulder Pain then register them in one of our Elite Pitchers & Catchers Camps and the JBC Staff will diagnose the reasons for their Arm Pain and come up with a Personalised Plan to eliminate the pain. The most common answer to Arm Pain is rest. This by far is one of the worst things that you could do. Resting your arm will not get rid of the pain, finding out what the cause of the pain is will.


• High Speed Video Analysis

• Head To Toe Physical Assessment

• Elite Pitching Training

• Power Hitting Training

• Recovery Training

• Strength & Conditioning Training

• Infield/Outfield Training

• 3 x Dynamic Warm Ups

• Arm Care Protocols

• Correct Throwing Patterns

• Functional Exercises & Stretches

• Base Running & Sliding Skills

plus education on...

• How To Eliminate Arm Pain

• Why Resting Is Not The Answer To Eliminating Arm Pain

• How Weighted Balls Should BE Introduced To Players

• utilising the latest tools and equipment

• why you shouldn't ice your arm

• the myths on throwing & hitting


Zooka & Coach Pitch Players :

If you played or are playing Zooka or Coach Pitch this year, we want to help you get ready for the summer baseball season. As we all know it is a big step for a child to take to go from not worrying about throwing in a strike zone then all of a sudden having to throw in a strike zone. Instead of being thrown into the deep end when the season begins, we want to help you get better prepared so you can get a head start into Live Ball Pitching.

Numerous times we have seen an inexperienced pitcher walk to the mound in their first year of Live Ball without any proper training or instructions from their coaches. Expecting an inexperienced pitcher to throw strikes on a consistent basis is very unrealistic. The JBC Staff will guide you in understanding the core principles of Pitching.


Rookie Live & Little League Players :

If you have just started playing Live Ball or you are playing Little League we want to help you gain more experience and more confidence in becoming an elite pitcher. We will help you to throw more dynamically and more explosive with the body and guide you through Arm Care Protocols.

The most common things we see in first and second year Live Ball is that the pitcher has bad throwing patterns and are taught a One-Size-Fits-All Pitching Delivery. The coach will work with the pitcher over the course of the year but most times increasing and escalating bad habits. The first step to becoming a good pitcher...is to become a Great Thrower!

Junior League & Senior League Players :

If you have been pitching for some years now and you are behind your peer group in Velocity and Command the JBC Staff can help you. If you are struggling with Command, we can show you how to train yourself to have better command.

Are you lacking in Velocity? We can help you increase your Velocity in a safe manner all along maintaining Arm Care & Durability. If you have severe disconnections we will help you clean these up so you are able to take on Velocity training.

If you can't get a real grip of your Off-Speed pitches, we will guide you through all of them and even show you some new variations. Certain grips shown by coaches aren't for every player. JBC will help you figure out which grip suits you most.


Hitting & Fielding

Tee Ball - Senior League Players

Do you want to learn how to crush a ball through the infield or over the fence? Do you want to learn how to be a more dynamic infielder or outfielder? JBC Coaches can help you.

Over the years we have seen batters step into the batting box with un-athletic batting stances, swinging the bat with their arms, moving their heads, incorrect grips, fielders not moving with the pitch, standing with their hands on their knees, not backing up, losing sight of the ball and not tracking the ball.

At our camps, we put all of this into the process so the outcomes take care of themselves.

Our highly qualified coaches will teach you how to hit the ball hard with an athletic swing, get the bat on the plane of the ball quickly, grip the bat correctly, swing to toe and the correct fundamentals.


Parents And Guardians

At all JBC Elite Baseball Camps you are welcome to join in, hang around and ask questions any time of the day. When we go through the Video Analysis you are invited to sit in with us and take down notes as much as you like. Parents and Guardians are ALWAYS welcome at a JBC Camp.

Cancellations & Refunds

Please note we DO NOT provide refunds on registrations. However, we will provide a credit for future camps.

Camps are only cancelled in extreme weather conditions. If this occurs, Camps will be rescheduled for a later date. All attendees will be informed via email, SMS, JBC Website and Social Media Accounts. If you are unable to attend the rescheduled days you will have credit for future camps.

Customised Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available for all of our Elite Baseball Camps.

A gift certificate for one of Elite Baseball Camps is a great gift idea for your child, grand child, niece or nephew. What would be better than the gift of learning!?

When you register, simply send us an email at info@juniorbaseballcoaching.com asking for a Gift Certificate and we will send one through to you.