Coach The Coach

What is Coach The Coach?

Coach the Coach is a dynamic, hands-on, Junior Baseball Coaching Program with a primary focus on coaches of U7′s to U16′s. This program will assist in improving your coaching skills and help you run your team more efficiently and with greater success in the development of players.

Over the last 10-15 years in Australia, at club level we have seen a decline in the standards of how youth/junior players are coached, what they are taught and the decreasing number of children playing baseball.

We have decided to put together a coaching platform and training session where coaches from all over can learn the modern way of coaching baseball. Your Coach The Coach Training Session can be with 1 team, 2 teams, or the entire coaching staff of your club.

Coach The Coach will provide you with the best ways you can:

  • Become an outstanding coach
  • Plan and conduct a Training Session
  • Teach new and exciting drills to the players
  • How to personalise your teams training
  • Stay up-to-date with coaching
  • Improve all your players development
  • Learn when to talk and when not to
  • How to deal with Umpires & Parents
  • Set obtainable goals for your team

Development Attitude Vs Winning Attitude

A "Winning At All Costs" attitude is a terrible way to coach kids at these ages. The first and most important thing for these players is HAVING FUN. If your kids are not having fun they will not enjoy the game and eventually walk away from baseball.

If your focus is directly on Developing Your Players they will get more enjoyment out of the game as they are improving. How do they know they are improving? Easy...Objectively measure them. Measure their Velocity, Ball Exit Speed, Running Speed, Throwing Distance...Whatever you can measure, MEASURE! You will be able to give instant feedback to your players without you having to say a word.


Tools & Equipment Every Coach Needs

There are certain tools and equipment we believe every coach should have in his or her bag.


Radar Gun

The number one tool we would recommend any coach purchasing. Without it you are just guessing at what you players are throwing and hitting.

The Pocket Radar is the best on the market for it's value.



The best throwing coach in the world!

Gives your players instant feedback at training with how their Connection is. A great tool to correct Throwing Patterns and a great tool for Recovery Days.


TAP Mini Bands

A very cheap way to warm up the arms and shoulders before Training and Game Day.

With these Mini Bands your players will improve their Mobility and also can be used for Recovery after the game.


Durathro Training Sock

When you need one of your players to get warm in between innings there is no substitute. Stop relying on other players to catch for them.

A brilliant Warm Up & Recovery tool for all players.

We have put together our very own "Coaches Package" on our DPA Baseball website. In there you will find all of the equipment above to help train and develop your team.


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