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What is Junior Baseball Coaching?

Junior Baseball Coaching is a structured youth development training program that allows youth players to begin training at an early age a better way. We believe every child that trains with us is unique and one of a kind.

Junior Baseball Coaching started back in 2013 with a view to help youth and junior players excel at baseball and believe that there is a different way to train and enhance their development. Over the years we have helped develop countless players to be selected in Little League Teams, Junior League Teams, Senior League Teams, State & Country Teams as well as Australian Teams.

Junior Baseball Coaching is owned and run by Greg & Ric Wickham. The father and son team are the leaders in developing Youth & Junior Baseball Athletes in Australia. Coach Greg and Coach Ric take multiple trips a year over to the U.S.A. for seminars and meetings to discover what is new about developing baseball athletes as well as updating their training protocols. Over the years Coach Greg and Coach Ric have built strong relationships and consulted with some of the greatest minds in baseball from Academy Owners, Pitching Coaches, Hitting Coaches, College Coaches, Minor League Coaches, Major League Coaches, MLB Scouts, Physical Therapists and Strength & Conditioning Coaches across the United States and the World.

In 2005, with over 20 years baseball coaching experience, Coach Ric began looking at baseball training and more importantly development in a completely different angle. Baseball training in Australia just wasn't where it should be. A change was needed. Proper development was needed. After extensive conversations with Coach Greg over the years, they decided to create Junior Baseball Coaching to help baseball families view development in a different way. 

JBC have a different view on the development of all Youth & Junior athletes. JBC do not believe in the conventional wisdom of ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL training. At a young age players who get placed in a One-Size-Fits-All training method tend to find it harder to develop later in life as bad habits have been built into their system which are ingrained into how they train. Development over the years simply becomes turning up to training and going through the same things day in day out. The growth becomes plateaued.


JBC philosophies And Training Methods

If you are hearing the following coaching cues every time you Throw, Pitch or Hit you are hearing outdated information. These coaching cues will not only slow your development down, they are putting you at serious risk of injury.


  • Elbow Above Shoulder
  • Point Ball Backwards
  • Stay Back
  • Pull Glove To Side
  • Opposite & Equal
  • Point Glove To Target
  • Fingers On Top Of The Ball
  • Shoulders Level
  • Throw Over The Top
  • Big Toe Pointed At Target
  • Wrist Cocked
  • Get Extended


  • Get To A Balance Point
  • Stay Back Over The Rubber
  • Elbow Above Shoulder
  • Point Ball To 2nd Base
  • Tall And Fall
  • Eyes And Head Level
  • Stay In Your Quads
  • Pull Glove Down Side
  • Drive To Home Plate
  • Position 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Power T Position
  • Thumbs Down, Lead With The Elbows
  • Throw Over The Top
  • Get Extension
  • Up, Down And Glide Out
  • Stay Tall
  • Finish In A Fielding Position
  • Drag Your Big Toe


  • Squash The Bug
  • Chop Down To The Ball
  • Stay Back
  • Head Still
  • Take Knob To The Ball
  • Front Foot Down Early
  • Arms Extended At Contact
  • Top Half Of The Ball
  • Keep Front Foot Closed
  • Elbow Up
  • Just Make Contact
  • Take Hands To The Ball
  • Level Swing
  • Short To The Ball
  • Shoulders Level

These days, children as young as 11 have severe Elbow Pain or Shoulder Pain due to these ridiculous coaching cues. These pains carry on with the player throughout their junior years and the most common solution is to tell the player to REST and go see a physio. This is the Band Aid Solution. Pain doesn't have to be part of baseball. Any coach that tells you pain is part of baseball is misleading you to believe it's OK to have pain.

One of the biggest mistake we see Youth and Junior Coaches do is getting a player who already knows how to throw correctly then teaching them how to pitch a totally different way. When you place a player in a One-Size-Fits-All box, you are asking that player not to be them self. View every child different and unique and you will have a better understanding of development.

The JBC philosophy is simple - We create an environment where the development takes care of itself over time. There is no Quick Fix or Silver Bullet for development. Every player is different and has their own style from one to another. We don't over teach with words as we believe words get in the way of development.

Junior Baseball Coaching is the stepping stone to becoming a DPA Baseball athlete. Numerous JBC students have gone on to train with the DPA athletes to continue their development to becoming an elite baseball player.

JBC Coaching Staff

Greg Wickham

Founder / Owner

Ric Wickham

Director of Player Development